Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Writing about Robots and Friendship

Last week Room 14 retold the story of 'Jack'. First we watch a video that showed Jacks adventure trying to find a friend in a junk yard. The movie is below if you would like to watch it too.

Then Room 14 told the story in their own words thinking carefully about how Jack felt and the order of event that lead him to his new friend.

Room 14 worked on their story over a number of days and respond to feedback by adding detail and editing their work. Once they felt there writing was ready to share they created a picture of Pixlr to accompany their writing.

Here are three of their wonderful stories. Please remember you can click the link to view their blog and leave them a comment.

Jack was sitn on the dump sad and he was looking for a friend but he could  not find a frend well he jasd staying there. He had a smile on his face on the plug and the tape on the robot face and he was sitn with the robot.

Once upon a time in the land of the junk there lived a little robot named Jack. He was alone with no friend  to play with he was a little sad lonely  robot.Then Jack had a great idea to make a fake friend to play with.Jack was so happy then he got sad because it did nothing. Jack had to do lots of staff for his new fake friend.Jack didint  like him so Jack went blue as the sky.Jack was angry.

Then Jack saw a plug and put his hand in it the when Jack put his hand in he got hurt and fired  by the plug and then sudley  a friend girl robot showed up in front of Jack the they plug their arm’s together.

Once upon a time there lived a lonely robot named Jack he was walking in a junk yard.He was searching for a friend.Then he created a new friend and he put a smile as black tape then he felt sad because the smile almost came of then he walked again then he found another helpful friend.jack and the girl matched.

Thank you for reading your writing we look forward to sharing more creative writing as the year continues.


  1. Kia ora Room 14,
    I am SO impressed with your pictures and your stories. I am going to share this post with other teachers and children who are part of our Manaiakalani Outreach clusters to inspire them. I will go onto your individual blogs Chaun, Angelica and Mariko and leave a comment. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kia ora Tania, Thank you so much for your comment. We really enjoyed writing about Jack the robot. We are really happy to hear that you enjoyed our writing and we can't wait to share more writing on our blog.
      From Miss Davis and Room 14