Friday, 24 February 2017

Crazy Bubble Fun

This week on Tuesday Room 14 went outside with Miss Teleso to blow bubbles. They had loads of fun and then created a recount about their experience.

 Here are a few of their stories. 


Last Tuesday when Mrs Teleso came to Room 14 she did the roll first.Then the whole class got to do there mihi at the same time. Next Mrs Teleso called our group lines to go and line up outside by the gray pole and we went. Next we went over to the shade and the funky trees with amazing branches. Then we were running around for a little bit when we got under the shade. Next Mrs Teleso told us to stand in our group lines  under the shade then mrs Teleso gave us the bubble wand and I got to go first. In the orange group we had to spread out in our around in the shade Miss Teleso told us not to go out in the sun because we might go far out in the sun.  Miss Teleso called us back the we went back to class.I loved blowing bubbles with my friends in room fourteen.

On Tuesday all of room 14 went outside to blow bubbles under a the trees. First we was lining up for bubbles. Then we blew bubbles. It was fun.

My class went out to blow bubbles in the morning under the shade.First we lined up. Then miss gave as the bubbles. After that we blow the bubbles. Then my bubble was small.and it was shaped as a circle. then in the bubble was different rainbow colours then we lined up and went to class. then we went back inside and i felt happy.

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  1. hi class i like the roke that we hand did to gther