Friday, 24 February 2017

Duffy Award

Congratulation to Suade who received the Duffy Award for Room 14 this week. He is always amazing and a shining example of how to be in the right place, at the right time with the right attitude. He has also helped others in our class to do the same. Well Done Suade Miss Davis and Room 14 are proud of you!!

Crazy Bubble Fun

This week on Tuesday Room 14 went outside with Miss Teleso to blow bubbles. They had loads of fun and then created a recount about their experience.

 Here are a few of their stories. 


Last Tuesday when Mrs Teleso came to Room 14 she did the roll first.Then the whole class got to do there mihi at the same time. Next Mrs Teleso called our group lines to go and line up outside by the gray pole and we went. Next we went over to the shade and the funky trees with amazing branches. Then we were running around for a little bit when we got under the shade. Next Mrs Teleso told us to stand in our group lines  under the shade then mrs Teleso gave us the bubble wand and I got to go first. In the orange group we had to spread out in our around in the shade Miss Teleso told us not to go out in the sun because we might go far out in the sun.  Miss Teleso called us back the we went back to class.I loved blowing bubbles with my friends in room fourteen.

On Tuesday all of room 14 went outside to blow bubbles under a the trees. First we was lining up for bubbles. Then we blew bubbles. It was fun.

My class went out to blow bubbles in the morning under the shade.First we lined up. Then miss gave as the bubbles. After that we blow the bubbles. Then my bubble was small.and it was shaped as a circle. then in the bubble was different rainbow colours then we lined up and went to class. then we went back inside and i felt happy.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Our New Cycle Track

Today was the grand opening of our school cycle track. The whole school went down to the bottom field for the opening. We had some amazing guest, wonderful people from variety, local council and other organisations who had help to build the track for us and provide the bikes.   Room 14 was very excited to see the first riders go on the track.

We can't wait for our turn to have a turn riding on the track. 

Monday, 20 February 2017

Working together

Last Thursday was a very wet a rainy day at Pt England School. We were stuck inside all day. After lunch Miss Davis was so impressed with the way were were working together at lunchtime to build with lego, create a marble run, play games and create picture that we continued to do this into the afternoon.

After we had taken down our creations we talked about the way we were using our key competencies when we constructed things together. We realised that we learnt a lot from this time and that as a class we can work really well together when we talk nicely and let everyone be part of what we are doing.

We hope you enjoy the pictures of our creation. 

Friday, 17 February 2017

Amazing Angelica's Duffy Award!

Well done Angelica for receiving the Room 14 Duffy award for this week. You have Shown Miss Davis and Room 14 are so proud of the way you have worked hard to complete your work to a high standard and share it on your Blog. 

If you would like to have a look at Angelica's wonderful work please check out her blog Here

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Writing about Robots and Friendship

Last week Room 14 retold the story of 'Jack'. First we watch a video that showed Jacks adventure trying to find a friend in a junk yard. The movie is below if you would like to watch it too.

Then Room 14 told the story in their own words thinking carefully about how Jack felt and the order of event that lead him to his new friend.

Room 14 worked on their story over a number of days and respond to feedback by adding detail and editing their work. Once they felt there writing was ready to share they created a picture of Pixlr to accompany their writing.

Here are three of their wonderful stories. Please remember you can click the link to view their blog and leave them a comment.

Jack was sitn on the dump sad and he was looking for a friend but he could  not find a frend well he jasd staying there. He had a smile on his face on the plug and the tape on the robot face and he was sitn with the robot.

Once upon a time in the land of the junk there lived a little robot named Jack. He was alone with no friend  to play with he was a little sad lonely  robot.Then Jack had a great idea to make a fake friend to play with.Jack was so happy then he got sad because it did nothing. Jack had to do lots of staff for his new fake friend.Jack didint  like him so Jack went blue as the sky.Jack was angry.

Then Jack saw a plug and put his hand in it the when Jack put his hand in he got hurt and fired  by the plug and then sudley  a friend girl robot showed up in front of Jack the they plug their arm’s together.

Once upon a time there lived a lonely robot named Jack he was walking in a junk yard.He was searching for a friend.Then he created a new friend and he put a smile as black tape then he felt sad because the smile almost came of then he walked again then he found another helpful friend.jack and the girl matched.

Thank you for reading your writing we look forward to sharing more creative writing as the year continues.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Our Summer blogger

Julianna took part in the Summer Learning Journey over the holidays. She was the youngest summer blogger this year. Miss Davis really enjoyed reading your blog posts Julianna. 

Keep up the great blogging Room 14 and Miss Davis are so proud of you!!

Week 2 Duffy Award

Kharizma received the duffy award from Room 14 this week for working hard, taking responsibility for her learning and overcoming challenges. Miss Davis and Room 14 are so proud of you! Keep up the great work. 

Congratulations Kharizma! We hope you enjoy your new book. 

Fun with Statistics

On Friday room 14 took part in a statistical investigation to find out what colours are most and least common in a small bag of M&Ms. Each member of the class had a small bag of M&Ms which they opened counted and displayed the colours in the packet as a bar graph.

We found out which colour was least common in your packet. 

We found out which colour was most common in our packet.

We enjoyed working out the difference between the colours.

We learnt that no all our packets had the same colours. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A party in Room 14

We were very lucky to have Georgia's family come in to our class today to share her special day with us. Room 14 really enjoyed singing to Georgia and sharing food with her and her family. 

Thank you to Georgia's family for coming in today and bringing food to share with us. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Duffy Show

Toady Room 14 went to the Duffy show. We watch Duffy and his friends overcome challenges and learn that even when our brains work differently like they do for people who are dyslexic we can have brilliant ideas and help others.

We also learnt about protect our environment and that if everyone does a little bit and takes responsibility we can make a difference to climate change.

Duffy and his friends have inspired us to keep reading and learning about all the exciting things in the world that we don't know yet.

Thank you Duffy!!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Cybersmart Learning About Me

Last week Room 14 wrote their about me statements for their blogs. They had to think carefully about what they wrote and decide if it was personal information they wanted to share or keep to themselves. Once they had decided it was time write and share. To start their cybersmart about me room 14 used a flower template and choose 5 things they wanted to share. Then they wrote one on each petal. The flowers they created are now our cybersmart wall and their about me writing is being posted on their blogs.

Our Class Treaty

Last week Room 14 talk about what we need to do to good learners in our classroom. As a class we came up with 8 thing that we believe are will help us have a great year and do amazing learning.

After we had decided on our 8 treaty principle we create a handprint with our name and a pattern to add to our treat tree to say that we agreed to the treaty. This treaty will remain on our wall to remind us how to be great learners and friends this year.


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Our Chromebooks

Today chromebooks arrived in room 14. The learners were all really excited to open them up and use them for their learning.
Mr Burt teaching us about the Kawa of Care

Waiting to open our chromebooks.

All set to use our chromebooks. 

Brilliant beginnings

The school year for 2017 has begun and room 14 has had an exciting start to the year. Room 14 is a wonderful year 3 and 4 class with 30 enthusiastic learners. 

Over the first two days of school we have be busy finding out all kinds of things about each other using statistics. We have also been getting ready for the arrival of our chromebooks by learning about the Kawa of Care and writing our about me statements to go on our blogs. 

We are excited to continue to share our learning this year on both our class blog and our individual learning blogs. We hope you will follow our journey and help us along the way by leaving us some comments.