Monday, 20 February 2017

Working together

Last Thursday was a very wet a rainy day at Pt England School. We were stuck inside all day. After lunch Miss Davis was so impressed with the way were were working together at lunchtime to build with lego, create a marble run, play games and create picture that we continued to do this into the afternoon.

After we had taken down our creations we talked about the way we were using our key competencies when we constructed things together. We realised that we learnt a lot from this time and that as a class we can work really well together when we talk nicely and let everyone be part of what we are doing.

We hope you enjoy the pictures of our creation. 


  1. Hi my name is Lockie and I'm from Blaketown School Room 4.
    I really like the way how the children built the wall out of dominoes.
    This is the best thing that I've seen in my life

  2. hi my name is jai i'm from Blaketown School I'm in room4 I like how you did it maby it can be bit longger.