Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Place Value

Last week all of Room 14 have been learning about place value. They have learnt how to expand and contract numbers and how to add numbers using hundreds, tens and ones.

This is Israel's wonderful maths. Well done Israel.

This week we are learning about place value and adding hundreds, Tens and Ones. 

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  1. Kia ora Israel,
    Thanks for sharing your math learning about place value. You have showed very clearly that you can expand numbers and add numbers and are really good at solving problems. I really appreciated your screencastify video stepping me through the process. I know that your work will teacher other people too. I am going to share it with other teachers and learners on the Sharing the Hook blog so you can inspire them. Did you enjoy creating the screencastify? Did you find it easy to talk about the strategies you were using?