Friday, 23 June 2017

Making Kites

We have been working hard all term to make strong kites that will fly without us running. We tested all kinds of materials and decided that plastic was stronger than paper and that we needed a strong frame to hold our kites together. We also talked about how have limited instruction made kite making more challenging.

First we had to tie our plastic sticks to create a cross. 

Then we had to put string around the outside to make a solid frame. 

Some of us found this part very challenging but by working together and helping each other we created string kite frames that were ready for their plastic. 

Once our plastic was on our kites we added a tail and some string. 

Now we just need to wait for the perfect windy day to fly them. We have learnt a lot about kites this term and we look forward to sharing our reflections on how they fly.


  1. Kia ora Room 14,
    Your kites are looking fantastic! I am wondering - have you had a windy day to fly them yet and test them out? I agree some of the stages do look tricky to achieve by yourself so I am glad that you found working together a good strategy. I can remember making kites when I was younger and one of the most exciting things that happened was winning a kite competition for the highest flying kite! My kite was just like yours and made out of plastic. Look forward to hearing how your kites fly. I wonder who will have the highest flyer...

  2. I Agree with Tania your Kites are looking Fantastic.