Tuesday, 1 May 2018

I like to move it!

This term our inquiry learning theme is I like to move it! We are learning about our physical world and what makes movement happen.

In team 3 we are learning about how movement is occurring in our everyday lives. We are also learning to make different objects and machines that demonstrate movement.

A video made by the team 3 teachers that shows some of the things we will be learning this term.


  1. Great video we really enjoyed watching the cool dance moves that you were showcasing. Your dance moves remind me that I could do with some lessons as I have not got much rhythm. Your video was a bit long and we would have engaged more with it if it was shorter. We did like the idea of the video giving an overview of the term.
    St Francis of Assisi Tumu 1

  2. Hi That Was A Fantastic video I loved watching the start of it.
    The song was amazing and i would like to do tha with our teachers.

    same as the other comment this video is a little too long if you do one again would you make it shorter?

  3. i lobe the music its sooooo cool