Friday, 8 April 2016

The impossible bridge

This week the Batman Reading group have been reading a book called the impossible bridge. The story is about children building a range of bridges to solve problem. The boys were then challenged to work together to create two bridges from the book Together. 
Below is Qwanelle's Blog post about this learning. 

We read the impossible bridge and made two bridges.



What we found out… We found out that the triangle bridge  bent in the middle.
Problem...We had to make it strong.
What we did... was we had to make triangles and sellotaped the triangles on to the cardboard.



Problem… was the bridge kept falling.
What we did… we cut it in half and then we folded it 7 times and the other half was put on top.
What we found out...we found out that it kept falling but the lego was strat.

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